Professional Settlement Services
FAQ - Questions and Answers

Below are a few questions you might have in regards to our company

Do you require a fee for becoming part of Professional Settlements nationwide closer database?

- NO, we do not even require an application fee, signing up is simple and easy via Notary Sign-Up.

I have moved and changed my address , do I need to fill out the application again?

- NO, if you just changed your address and your phone #'s are the same, just fill out a new W-9.

Where do I return the signed loan documents to?

- Not to Professional Settlements, we do not receive loan documents. Please refer to your confirmation for the exact    return address and carrier information. When in doubt please contact your document settlement coordinator.

Where are my documents for my signing?

- 99% of the time they are emailed documents. A settlement coordinator will be in contact with you the day of the    signing and able to communicate the document availability at any point during the day.

I've completed the signing and tracked the package to confirm it was delivered successfully. When should I expect payment in the mail for completing the signing?

- We mail checks to our closing agents 45 days after the signing date. We do not require registration fees to be part of our network. We offer Payment Inquiry, on the rare occasion questions arise regarding payment for any our closers.

Does your company require me to fax back signed documents?

- Yes, we have a fax back requirement which ensures your payment is delivered to you in a timely manner.